Alternate xGame

A new way to create traffic, entertain, and convert through storytelling and gamification

Alternate xGame
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Alternate xGames is a new format that uses storytelling, gamification and new technologies to engage in both the physical and virtual worlds. Give your users memorable experiences on the border between reality and fantasy that will take them to the store, the booth… or everywhere you want.

what is an xgame

Create traffic and converts

Alternate xGames is a format that combines gamification, storytelling, and innovative technologies to create engaging and immersive brand experiences designed to increase traffic to a specific location and thus improve sales conversions.

We create alternate realities

We build stories that combine the real and the fantastic, reality and fantasy. Narratives that dialogue with the latest interaction technologies and gamification to encourage users to perform actions in the real world.

On-line lead generation

A format that starts online. Through an email, news or advertisement, we trigger the user's curiosity and engage them in a game on the borderline between reality and fantasy. A game of alternate realities!

On-site engagement

With our mini-games, which take advantage of the immersiveness of virtual or augmented reality, we create unique forms of entertainment that must be experienced in a physical location, such as a store or booth.

A catalog of experiences

An entire catalog of customizable and brandable mini-games based on different interaction technologies (web, AR, VR) and different scenarios or environments.

Alternative realities designed for

Anothereality_W__Marketing-iconRetail promotion

An innovative format designed for brands, aiming to drive users into the store and increase conversions through promotional call-to-actions.


Our xGames are perfect for creating entertainment in public places, such as squares or other venues (cinemas, shopping mall , etc.)

Anothereality_W_Multiplayer-iconTeambuilding & Incentive

A fun and engaging format to strengthen the bond between your team members, or to entertain your audience at a corporate event.