The future of entertainment

First there were theme parks, then arcades, then escape rooms. And today? Extended Realities represent the convergence between the engagement of multi-user entertainment, and the immersivity of a truly digital experience, resulting in a total disruption of the Location Based Entertainment (LBE) market… but not only.

Videogames and Interactive experiences, either developed for a XR headset or for a standard device (mobile or desktop), are the new way to engage, entertain, even evaluate your audience. Ever thought of using a videogame to perform your management assessment? We develop custom videogames, starting from concept development, game mechanic design, game development and stores publishing.


Gaming & entertainment
Custom game design

Dynamic and engaging gameplay, designed by game design specialists with years of experience, defined to match your objectives (marketing, training, assessment, …)

Location Based Entertainment

We bring virtual reality turn-key experiences to your hallways, for in-store engagement, entertainment, teambuilding, you name it.


Collaboration and interaction among up to 8 people in the same virtual environment.


In addition to the digital experience, we offer custom scenography and services to make things happen on the ground.

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