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It is proven: both immersion and engagement of virtual reality offer superior results versus traditional learning alternatives. According to a study by the National Training Laboratory, virtual reality learning guarantees an effectiveness of 75%, compared to the 5% of a traditional lecture. If combined with an augmented reality field training & mentoring, the learning process can be improved by up to 90%.

AnotheReality has developed a propietary Simulation & Training platform: Virtuademy. Born after years of experience gained alongside important international industrial groups, Virtuademy guarantees a consolidated design process, an advanced level of realism and interaction, and the integration of a complete data tracking of the interactive experience. Simply put, Virtuademy represents probably the most advanced immersive training solution available on the market today.

Virtuademy Features

Probably the most advanced immersive training solution on the market today
Remote collaboration

Many users from different locations can collaborate in real time within the same training scenario.

Technical & Soft skills simulation

According to the training type & objective, Virtuademy integrates advanced CGI, Interactive 360 video content, and gaming mechanics.

On Field Support

Augmented reality on-the-job tutorials and collaboration, to continue training also on field.

Artificial Intelligence chatbot

Enhanced human-machine interaction delivering a superior learning experience.


Available for all major XR devices on the market today.

Data Tracking

xAPI standard integration with all major LMS platforms.

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