About Us

We are a software development studio

specialized in interactions in immersive environments

Born in Milan in a basement along the Naviglio Grande, AnotheReality is a start-up specialized in the development of immersive eXtended Reality solutions (AR / VR / MR) with applications in business and entertainment. It is now recognised as the only established XR studio in Italy, with a full collection of achievements: developers of the world’s first MR banking app, XR partner of several Fortune 500 companies, member of Y Combinator Startup School.

It all started in 2014 as a videogame development studio (formerly named Digital Mantis), known for having published the 1st independent Italian VR videogame. Thanks to the intuition of the three founding partners, merging know-how coming from different backgrounds, in 2016 it evolved into a virtual reality studio with the aim of solving real world problems without losing that distinctive “gaming” touch so deeply rooted into XR culture.


1st Worldwide

We developed the world first mixed reality application for the banking industry

1 XR Company

Recognized by the Global Virtual Reality Association Research 2017 as the only established XR company in Italy

Selected Start-up

Member of Y Combinator Startup School, the main startup incubator based in Silicon Valley








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Our solutions

in Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality
Training, Simulation & Education

Our Virtuademy solutions for Corporate Learning & Development, Industrial and Safety Simulations, Education.

Customer Experience & Interaction

Custom creative solutions for branding and communication. B2B and B2C tools for sales conversion improvement.

Enterprise Solutions

Industry 4.0 solutions, Immersive prototyping, Augmented operations, Data visualization and custom applications.

Tourism & Heritage

Augmented art & tours, virtual experiences, custom solutions for museums and touristic environments.

Gaming, Events & Entertainment

Immersive experiences and location based games for engagement and teambuilding. Custom videogames and gamification apps or websites

...and many others

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