Learning & Training

virtual worlds & spatial computing: the ideal tools to enhance the training strategy of your organization.

Beyond e-learning

Hold seminars and classes in any place or time, simulate any task with lifelike emotions, and explore edutainment to build memorable learning experiences. With virtual worlds and spatial computing, learning will simply never be the same anymore.


Immersive learning experts

Since 2016, we have built interactive experiences to improve learning and training: from realistic simulators to immersive edutainment and environments.

Virtual worlds for learning

We use our extensive knowledge of social virtual worlds to create environments that are explicitly made to enhance the full learning experience.

Gaming touch

We apply gaming dynamics, techniques, and languages to create edutainment content and learning games that deliver the right message in a fun and engaging way.

training in the metaverse

Anothereality_Product-iconProduct Training

A new way of delivering education produced through virtual worlds, simulations, and immersive experiences.


Training games for a perfect combination of fun and learning, maximizing training effectiveness.

Anothereality_Simulator-iconImmersive Simulators

With VR simulators, you can safely train on any hard or soft activity. Reproduce the same emotions and movements as in real life.

Anothereality_Team-building-iconOnboarding and Team Building

Engaging virtual experiences to strengthen the relationship between team members and accelerate the integration process of new hires.

Anothereality_Virtual-places-iconVirtual Places

Schools, academies, and experiential HQs: through Reflectis, we build your location and virtual world to enhance training and maximize engagement.

Case Studies
Learning & Training

Another Look: the Avis’ learning game

AnotheReality and AVIS: an app to bring young people closer to blood donation and volunteering

Learning & Training

High Altitude VR Training

AnotheReality: Revolutionizing corporate training with immersive simulations in virtual reality.

Learning & Training

BMW Group Electric Mobility Learning Game

Learning how to sell hybrid and electric vehicles? BMW and Mini dealership operators do it with a learning game!

Learning & Training

Olivetti printers installation simulator

A virtual reality learning game to learn the Olivetti printer installation processes