BMW's learning game for electric vehicle sales techniques

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BMW's learning game for electric vehicle sales techniques
Learning how to sell hybrid and electric vehicles? BMW and Mini dealership operators do it with a learning game!

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and BMW and MINI dealerships are always looking for new ways to train their operators. The learning game developed by AnotheReality allows them to learn the basics of hybrid and electric vehicle sales and management in a fun and engaging way. 


Introduction to the learning game for BMW and Mini dealership operators.

The learning game was developed with the goal of providing BMW and Mini dealership operators with robust, yet interactive training to learn how to manage, and consequently sell, hybrid and electric vehicles. 

Training is critical in all industries, but for operators in the automotive sector it is even more so. The constant technical innovations in the automotive field and the specific demands of customers and enthusiasts make in-depth product knowledge essential so that sales and service from operators can be flawless.


Learning the features and functions of hybrid and electric vehicles

The learning game accurately reproduces the features and functions of hybrid and electric vehicles, such as the dashboard, navigation system, smartphone app, and charging stations.

Through a simulation, users experience the available tools to learn how to manage battery power and reach the destination point while optimizing resource utilization.

Operators also receive a series of in-game tips to consume less energy and reduce emissions, allowing them to gain a thorough understanding of the products and their peculiarities. 

This makes them better prepared to answer customer questions and promote vehicles effectively.


Learn how to manage new vehicle sales 

The game offers comprehensive training on the different vehicles being sold by the brand, but also on the many scenarios that can occur with customers. 

This allows users to practice mixing different products and degrees of difficulty, thus experiencing real situations they might encounter during their work in the dealership.

The learning game is also accessible directly from computers, making it easily usable for operators.

Benefits of the learning game for BMW and Mini dealership operators

The learning game offers several benefits for BMW and Mini dealership operators. First, it enables them to improve their skills in selling and handling vehicles with new technologies such as hybrid and electric, making them more effective in their profession. It prepares them to answer customer questions about new products, ensuring service always meets customer expectations. Finally, the learning game contributes to the sustainable growth of the automotive industry by promoting the knowledge and adoption of environmentally friendly vehicles.



The learning game for BMW and Mini dealership operators represents an innovative solution for training in the automotive industry. Through its features and benefits, operators can acquire the skills necessary to sell and operate hybrid and electric vehicles, meeting customer needs and contributing to the sustainability of the industry. AnotheReality, with its expertise in creating immersive solutions, has helped make this learning tool possible, offering dealership operators a unique and engaging training experience.

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Design tips

The learning game aims to faithfully recreate the operation of a hybrid or electric vehicle through real images and reproductions of tools that make up the car.

Critical success factors
True-to-life tools to better learn how they work
Presence of tips for consuming less energy with a suitable vehicle and reducing emissions

The application was developed for desktop PC and produced with Unity 2021.1.20f1. 3D models of the cars and scenery maps were produced with Autodesk Maya.