Our Virtual Experience Platform.
The technology we use to create,
modify and grow our virtual worlds.

With our Reflectis technology, we create virtual spaces populated with interactive and engaging content, for any use case and need. Based on Unity, Reflectis is a multi-device, scalable, open, evolving technology. The Virtual Experience Platform to create the virtual and hybrid worlds of today and tomorrow.

Distinctive features

Anothereality_Content-iconContent is King

In a virtual world, content makes all the difference. Reflectis makes creating experiential content easy, comprehensive, and scalable over time.

Anothereality_Platform-iconPlatform as a Service

Reflectis was born as a Virtual Experience Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). A set of services and technologies that enables the creation and management of virtual worlds, metaverses, and spatial computing applications.

Anothereality_OpenSDK-iconStandard & Open

Reflectis is based on Unity, the leading development language for virtual worlds, and comes with a set of SDKs to enable full scalability of content and functionality.

Anothereality_Tech-dev-iconFor developers

Reflectis was created with the aim of speeding up and optimizing the work of developers, enabling them to create and manage complex virtual worlds such as video games, digital twins, and metaverses.

Made with Reflectis

Our products



The virtual world for schools: tools and content designed to make learning more engaging. In the metaverse.



Experiences on the borderline between reality and imagination to take training courses and events to the next level