The simulator for the installation and maintenance of multifunction printers

- Olivetti

The simulator for the installation and maintenance of multifunction printers
A virtual reality learning game to learn the Olivetti printer installation processes

Learning printer installation processes is critical for Olivetti staff to ensure profitable and satisfactory service for customers. Unskilled resources often have difficulty understanding and correctly applying the procedures, compromising service efficiency and the end-user experience. To improve the training of new technicians, Olivetti took an innovative approach in collaboration with AnotheReality.


The solution: a simulative virtual reality learning game to improve learning

To address this challenge, AnotheReality developed a simulative learning game in virtual reality. The goal was to improve the learning and training of unskilled staff through an immersive yet highly valuable experience. By using virtual reality and simulation, it was possible to create a realistic and interactive environment where it is easier to learn for those who are new to the field.


The interactive and immersive 3D simulator: the learning-by-doing approach

AnotheReality’s learning game involves the use of an interactive and immersive 3D simulator based on the learning-by-doing approach, which enables staff to learn about Olivetti printer installation processes in a hands-on and engaging way. Through virtual reality, participants are immersed in a realistic environment where they can interact with products and installation processes, increasing their understanding and ability to correctly apply procedures.


The guided experience: a hands-on learning-by-doing approach for each step of the simulation

The guided experience proposed by AnotheReality is based on a learning- by- doing approach that accompanies participants through each phase of the simulation. Through the application of this methodology, the learning is fruitful and comprehensive, ensuring that non-specialized personnel acquire all the skills necessary to successfully deal with Olivetti printer installation processes. The result is more confident and trained technicians, improving the quality of service provided to customers and, consequently, their satisfaction.


Overcoming time and budget constraints by setting up a VR Academy

Another key factor that determines the success of staff training is overcoming time and budget constraints. AnotheReality tackled this problem by creating a VR Academy, which is a virtual reality training center that made it possible to increase the scope of training and improve staff retention rates. With this solution, training costs and time can be reduced, making the experience more accessible and flexible.


Virtuademy: the implementation of relocated VR Academies in all regions of Italy

To ensure the effective implementation of the solution and to reach staff in a widespread manner throughout Italy, AnotheReality launched Virtuademy. The project involves the implementation of relocated VR Academies in all Italian regions. This makes it possible to offer quality training to a greater number of technicians, regardless of their geographical location, while also ensuring efficient and uniform service throughout the country.



The virtual reality simulation learning game designed by AnotheReality represents an innovative and effective solution to increase the attainment of Olivetti printer installation processes by unskilled personnel. Through an immersive and interactive experience based on the learning-by-doing approach, participants gain practical skills and a better understanding of procedures, increasing service efficiency and the end-user experience.

The implementation of a VR Academy, the Virtuademy, overcomes time and budget constraints, making training more accessible and flexible for a greater number of technicians in all regions of Italy. The guided experience ensures comprehensive and in-depth learning, allowing technicians to assimilate the confidence and preparation necessary to offer quality service to customers.

In an increasingly digitized and connected world, innovative solutions such as AnotheReality’s virtual reality simulation learning game represent a step forward in staff training and the quality of service provided, contributing to the success of companies and customer satisfaction.

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The biggest challenge was to model two working printers, DC7100MF and DC5000MF, based only on photos taken during visits to Olivetti centers.

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Installers learn how to flawlessly perform technical procedures without the need for remote assistance

Unreal Engine 4.18, C++, Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Z-Brush, and Perforce


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