Virtual Transformation Journey

Wonder how your company can embrace the virtual worlds & metaverse revolution? Our envisioning workshop is made for you.

Virtual Transformation Journey
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Try hands-on virtual world technologies, discover their value and business use cases, discuss their applications with the experts, and start envisioning potential use cases for your company. An all-in-one (very dense) half-day workshop!

A fully immersive experiential workshop for you and your team, created to provide a theoretical and practical foundation of how virtual worlds and metaverse technologies are applied to business. 

In half a day, you and your team will:

  • Understand all aspects involved in the concept of metaverse, virtual worlds and spatial computing: the technologies and their values.
  • Gain hands-on experience with different hardware and software technologies, from AR/VR to social virtual worlds, and understand how they can be used in different business application fields.
  • Delve into practical use cases and understand how top brands and companies have already approached virtual worlds, improving their sales and marketing, enhancing their employee experience, streamlining operations, and creating new product lines.
  • Start envisioning, together with experts, how this new paradigm can bring value to your company.


Together with our experts, we help you outline a real strategy for entering the metaverse. We start with a first concrete use case, which we help you prototype and test in an agile and concrete way.


With our Reflectis technology and products, you can test the new virtual worlds paradigm for your specific use case and evaluate its potential.


Want to build something more complex? Through design thinking, we help you clarify challenges and define goals. We then design your solution from both creative and technological perspectives.


We apply the principles of Agile development to develop your solution effectively. From conceptualization to delivery, we closely support you throughout the entire production process.

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