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Creative Front End Developer (Three.js) for multiplayer virtual worlds

Creative/Front End Developer (Three.js) for multiplayer virtual worlds

Job Description

We’re looking for a Front-End Developer mainly experienced with Three.js and WebGL technologies to join us and become a key member of our tech team, helping us to shape the web front-facing part of our products.

In AnotheReality we mainly develop VR/AR applications, virtual worlds and videogames, aimed mostly to the B2B field: we help our clients to solve real problems through those technologies, improving their processes while adding a layer of entertainment.

We are also developing our own product, which simplifies the development of our solutions and in the long term it will be made accessible to everyone and open-source.

Part of our product requires a 3D interface that runs on a browser, and that’s where you come in:  you’ll help us shape the web-facing part of our product, from technical design to interactions and implementation, working with the engineering team and the creative team.

This is a dynamic, challenging and decision-making role, you will have the opportunity to influence the core development of the product we’re creating in AnotheReality, improving the projects for our clients as well!


  • Design and development of the front-end of our web applications based on three.js and Vue.js
  • Plan, design and implement features writing good, maintainable and well organized code
  • Collaborate with the diverse disciplines of the team, learning and understanding their requirements while teaching and explaining yours
  • Bring creative ideas on the table on how to implement particular actions and features
  • Mentor other members of the team as needed
  • Stay up-to-date with state of the art technology and coding practices, promoting their use within the studio

Requested Skills

  • Demonstrated experience using WebGL/GLSL tech stack including libraries like ThreeJS, BabylonJS etc.
  • Proficiency with Javascript ecosystem and modern front-end development tools (npm, rollup, webpack, etc…)
  • Experience using other front-end frameworks like Vue.js or React and consuming APIs from HTTP/Rest backends
  • Able to write clean and maintainable code
  • Taste and passion in manipulating pixels and colors
  • Passion for games, XR and cutting edge technology
  • A keen drive to create usable experiences
  • Excellent communication skills and able to self-organize
  • Good English communication skills, both written and verbal

Ideal Bonus Skills

  • Knowledge of WebGL “vanilla” and GLSL shader language
  • Applicable knowledge of WebXR technologies such as AFrame/AR.js
  • Knowledge of multiplayer architectures involving users and communications
  • C#, .NET Core
  • Able to configure and deploy a webserver autonomously
  • UX design
  • Graphical skills to develop UI and animations
  • Knowledge of Unity/Unreal game engine
  • Extra skills outside the sphere of web development are always welcome

We offer

  • A friendly, dynamic and ambitious working environment
  • Diverse and challenging projects, with a high degree of freedom and responsibility
  • Flat structure, little to none bureaucracy and maximum transparency
  • Deadlines are discussed and decided by the tech department (and not from sales)
  • Personal and career development
  • Flexible working hours
  • A lot of VR / AR to play with!



Employment type is full-time, on-site in Milan, Italy.
Yearly Salary Range: € 25K- 40K (we’re also accepting junior applicants!)

Currently in hybrid working (presence / remote), with % determined based on assignment-related requirements.

Full remote work opportunities can be evaluated for freelancing contracts.



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