Safetyverse: the learning game for construction site safety

Safetyverse: the learning game for construction site safety
Revolutionizing health, safety, and environment training on construction sites with a learning game

Health, safety, and environment (HSE) training on construction sites is critical to preventing workplace accidents and ensuring the well-being of workers. AnotheReality, an innovative company specializing in immersive solutions, presents a new approach to HSE training through learning in an app format, both mobile and computer-based.


Learning game: a new approach to training

AnotheReality’s apps offer a learning game that simulates the daily experiences of workers on construction sites. The system of tasks to be performed on the construction site varies according to the topics and tasks. Some of these include equipping PPE, identifying dangerous actions and recognizing faulty equipment. Through the gamification mechanism, employees learn the basics and gain greater safety in a hands-on and engaging way. The repeatability of the game also allows for better assimilation of knowledge and familiarization with real-world situations.


3D simulation: immerse yourself in the reality of the construction site

The applications offer a 3D simulation in which the player takes on the role of a technical manager, dealing with daily tasks and rules of the technical staff. Each level (or day) is set in a specific construction site context: the player can move his or her avatar and interact with equipment or other personnel on site to advance in the game and solve various tasks. This structure allows participants to experience real situations in a safe and controlled environment.


Main tasks and scoring

The operational activities and processes of securing are presented through various tasks. To pass the day, the player must complete all the tasks, resulting in a score and percentage of completion for the day. This rating system motivates players to improve their skills and pay attention to details.


We replay to improve

Applications allow players to replay days, providing an opportunity to score better and hone their skills. Avoiding poor choices when performing tasks is crucial to achieving a maximum score and ensuring effective training.

Hidden extra tasks: new challenges and discoveries

The applications also include extra hidden tasks within the days, which encourage players to explore and discover new challenges and insights. This extra element makes gameplay even more interesting and engaging.


Benefits and results of learning game use

The adoption of these innovative applications for HSE training on construction sites brings numerous benefits, including improved worker skills and safety. In addition, there is a reduction in workplace accidents and associated costs. The applications are easily adapted to the diverse needs of ship and construction sites, making them a versatile and essential tool for training.



Investing in innovative solutions for health, safety, and environmental training on construction sites is vital to ensure the safety and well-being of workers. AnotheReality’s learning game represents a significant step forward in this field, offering an engaging, practical, and effective learning method. Through the 3D simulation and the task and scoring system, workers can acquire the skills needed to deal with real-world situations in a safe and knowledgeable manner. As a result, the applications help reduce workplace accidents and associated costs, demonstrating the effectiveness and importance of adopting innovative technology solutions for HSE training on construction sites.

Multiplatform Game
Case study
Safety Training

The application is used to provide an engaging supplement to the training of construction site personnel. The game places the user in front of situations common in their work environment and helps to expand knowledge of safety procedures used on the construction site. Measuring game performance by score serves to prompt the player to replay the days, correcting mistakes made in tasks during the previous session.

Critical success factors
greater efficiency in learning
Using the app makes it easier to learn the execution of operating procedures used on the construction site
assimilation of safety standards
Using the app reinforces the habit of compliance with standard safety rules used on the construction site

Applications are released for Android and PC platforms. Depending on usage needs, they may be available as standalone packages or playable via streaming (on web browser or via Furioos).

3D graphics created with Blender and rendered in real-time through the Unity engine. Game logic realized through C# code.