Yon Blitz: the videogame for the launch of the new VR headset


Yon Blitz: the videogame for the launch of the new VR headset
Yon Blitz: A Strategic Shooter Experience in the Virtual World

AnotheReality is a company that specializes in providing immersive and innovative digital experiences. Genuine evidence of this is its B2C project, Yon Blitz, a remake of the popular multiplayer platform shooter in virtual reality. Since it was launched in 2016, Yon Blitz has established itself as a favorite among fans of the genre for introducing unique, dynamic and strategic gameplay.


The Yon Blitz Scenario

Yon Blitz offers a futuristic setting in which players must defeat opponents with skill and strategy. The atmosphere is frenetic: players must eliminate gun-wielding enemies within a time limit while trying to conquer floating platforms. These platforms represent not only strategic advantages, but also teleportation points to advance in the game map.


The Gameplay

The gameplay of Yon Blitz is based on strategic planning. Players’ movement is closely influenced by the platforms conquered by their team. Conquering them not only allows one to move in front of enemy lines but also offers strategic protection. The combination of offensive and defensive skills requires true teamwork to ensure success in each game.


Game Modes

Yon Blitz offers various types of game modes to suit different styles of players. For beginners, the Tutorial is designed to teach the basic rules and strategies for dealing with the frenzy of matches. Once familiar with the game, players can try their hand at the more challenging modes.

Team Deathmatch mode for example, allows 8 players to clash, divided into 4 teams. In this mode, communication and collaboration are vital to conquer platforms and battle successfully.

For those looking for an even more intense challenge, Yon Blitz offers One vs. One Mode. This game format offers fast-paced, frantic competition where decisions must be made quickly and every move can be decisive.


Communication and Interaction

Yon Blitz benefits from voice chat broken down by teams, allowing players to coordinate their strategies and engage in true team play. The online lobby, on the other hand, allows the game to start when all members are ready, providing a smooth and coordination-free gaming experience.



Yon Blitz would boast an immersive, dynamic and strategic shooting experience. Its futuristic setting, unique strategic facets, and diverse game modes make it a favorite among fans of the genre. This project demonstrates AnotheReality’s fruitful expertise in VR games. The combination of fast-paced gameplay, a detailed futuristic setting.

VR Experience
Case study

The application in VR aims to provide a much more immersive and vivid gaming experience than standardf Shooters played from consoles. The addition of strategy mechanics and managing one’s resources enlarges the demographic of users the title is aimed at by adding a new layer of complexity to the gameplay, but without making it too complicated for a younger audience or one less accustomed to these technologies.

Critical success factors
shooter game
The genre goes very well with VR technology as it provides a much higher level of movement control
The addition of strategic elements to manage expands the way each match can be approached, as the number of options and strategies that can be used increases exponentially
immersive experience
VR technology amplifies the sense of presence within the virtual environment, making the experience more vivid and memorable

VR application available on Meta Quest’s Lab App.

3D graphics created with Blender and Substance Painter and rendered in real-time through the Unity engine. The logic of the app and augmented reality experience was realized through C# code.