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Born in Milan in 2014, we are a studio specialized in the development of immersive solutions in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), today commonly referred to as Extended Realities (XR).

We develop solutions for simulation & training, business and entertainment, transforming new technologies into creative and innovative projects.


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Meet Our Team

What we do: solutions & services

We help your business by declining virtual reality and augmented reality into concrete projects

Our team has many years of experience in AR/VR development and is teaching at the most prestigious Italian academies and universities. Together with you, we will develop the idea you have in mind, from focusing on the right features in a Design Thinking laboratory, to developing the software by applying the principles of Agile methodology.

Everything will be produced internally with maximum transparency, guaranteeing you a quality result without compromise.

b2b projects

Training, simulation, digital twin, remote assistance and custom B2B projects.

creative solutions

Creative solutions for interaction between your brand and your customers.


Edutainment, Videogames, Advergames.


Team buildings and innovation workshops.

Simulation and Training

Simulation and Training

Creative technology solutions

Creative technology solutions



Events and workshops

Events and workshops

In-house competences

Immersive UX/UI and Game Design

Real-time 3D modeling & Engine programming

WebGL & Creative Web Coding

Consultancy for business XR adoption

Full 360° Video production pipeline

Immersive creative installations & events


Clients | They say about us

We worked with

Our team has been recognized as the only consolidated XR study in Italy, thanks to a complete collection of high-quality results and our unique attention to details. We developed the first Mixed Reality app in the world for the retail banking sector; we are the XR partner of several Fortune 500 companies; since 2018 we are members of the prestigious Y Combinator Startup School.

Portfolio | Our best usecases

  • A2A – Virtual Reality Training
  • Nuvole a Motore
  • Olivetti Virtual Training
  • SEC AR – Augmented Reality app
  • VBI Lost Connection
  • We AR art – augmented reality art project
  • Yon Blitz

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