We believe that those who innovate have the responsibility to make their potential understood. From this arises the initiative starting today online: a free, one-hour, on-demand Discovery Webinar to get a first idea of how to leverage the opportunity to improve customer experience, training, and processes through the use of immersive technologies. It is the first step of a real AR and VR Academy, which is developed through a well-structured course catalog.






As with any new technology, before applying it, it is necessary to understand it in order to better align it with the needs and goals of the companies that use them.

In the case of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality, this is even more true. The success of an immersive application doesn’t solely depend on technical choices regarding hardware or software. If the goal is to train technicians in a technical support chain, is it better to create a Simulator or a Serious Game? To release a new album and engage an artist’s community, does virtual reality or augmented reality work better? What is the difference between a 360° video and a 3D virtual reality experience?

Therefore, in order to choose the right tools and achieve concrete results, it is essential to understand not only the technological stack but also how to use design, content, and gamification. This is a fundamental step in directing AR or VR projects in a way that can have a real impact on customer experience, operations, training processes, user engagement rate, and brand memorability.


AR and VR Discovery Webinar:

1 hour to get an idea of the state of the art


The webinar aims to address the curiosity of CXOs who are wondering how to innovate in marketing, operations, training, and HR management through emotionally impactful technologies or those capable of solving the problem of social distancing.

No technical skills are required, it is not a course for developers. We have tried to use a language that is as accessible as possible and a very case-oriented approach, focused on the utility of immersive technologies.


Here’s what we will discuss in the Discovery Webinar:

#1 Immersive technologies and spatial computing: What are they?

#2 The tech ingredients for creating an AR | VR | MR application

#3 Key roles within companies involved in immersive app development

#4 Use cases and major software for AR and VR

#5 Debunking myths and important things to know

#6 5 tips if you want to develop an AR/VR/MR application


It’s free, lasts one hour, and will be hosted by Lorenzo Cappannari, CEO of AnotheReality, who will provide a strategic overview of VR and AR. Simply register here.




What if you really enjoyed the webinar?! Let’s get to the real news. The Discovery Webinar is a great starting point. But the real beauty lies beyond the surface. The topic of AR and VR applications can and should be explored in more depth.

That’s why we have established a comprehensive Academy program that – in addition to the webinar – consists of four other courses.


Academy AR e VR


XR MASTERCLASS: An advanced session for in-depth understanding of why not investing in these technologies could be a strategic mistake in the medium term. In this course, participants will also learn how and when to implement immersive solutions for marketing processes and operations. They will have the opportunity to test various AR/VR devices that are currently more widespread (in-person only).


XR ACADEMY INDUSTRY 4.0: An interactive and in-depth course designed to introduce C-level executives to the substantial aspects of AR/VR/MR technologies and use cases focused on the world of Industry 4.0. It concludes with a project work aimed at creating a well-executed detailed project brief.


XR ACADEMY MARKETING 4.0: A theoretical and practical course that aims to train CMOs, Art Directors, and all communication professionals of the future: CX, customer engagement, immersive branding. The course includes a workshop session for developing a concrete idea for a practical use case.


XR SOFT SKILL DEVELOPMENT: This is a fully immersive and interactive session where participants can reinforce their self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and ability to work in teams through playful activities. This package is often chosen by coaching and skill development companies, as well as HR departments of large corporations.


And yes, for all these courses, a try-on session is included, where participants can familiarize themselves with various immersive experiences enabled by different technologies!


Register for the Discovery Webinar and watch it whenever you want. Stay safe!