This is my first article written from China and I have to say that I’m very very excited. Here everything is so different from my own country and I’m doing a lot of new experiences. I love being here. I have to say that China is a lot different from what I had imagined and I guess that the only way to really understand it is coming here. Here everything is so peculiar, so contradictory. There are things here that make me feel like living in 3018, together with other that make me feel like in 1918… and all this coexist together, it is really interesting and intriguing.

Regarding the 3018 things, for sure I have to mention Virtual Reality. One of the reasons for my trip to China was discovering how really is the VR ecosystem here, after having read a lot of articles on the topic. Everyone is telling that China is becoming huge in VR, and according to the epic #30DaysInVR man Enea Le Fons, here VR is in every mall. So, is it true? And how is it?

Well, I have just started scratching the surface of how is VR in China. Before strating, I have to say that while we all refer “China” as a single country, actually it is as if were a lot of confederate countries under the same name: there are a lot of differences between the various Chinese cities… so VR in Shenzhen is for instance very different from VR in ChangChun. Qingdao is just one city, one big city in the East of China, that is more famous for the awesome beer (really, the TsingTao is very good, especially the raw one directly taken at the beer museum) than for its technological advancements. So, VR here can’t represent VR in the whole China, but…read more