Exciting news! The ON|Metaverse Summit is further enriching its list of experiences and… opportunities. Every guest attending the event in person will receive a complimentary exclusive NFT of the ON|Metaverse Summit, a unique virtual object that will not only gain value over time but also provide exclusive benefits to all owners.

These are the advantages that the partners of the ON|Metaverse Summit have decided to offer to the owners of the event’s NFT:


Free discovery and assessment workshop on Metaverse and Web3 technologies, with the support of BTO and Knobs.

15% discount on the purchase of the ON|Metaverse Innovation Workshop, based on design thinking methodologies, to define a corporate strategy for approaching the Metaverse.

AnotheReality is a virtual worlds company. As Italian pioneers in spatial computing since 2014, we are the ideal partner for the virtual transformation of medium to large companies and organizations venturing into the Metaverse. We support them in transitioning to this new paradigm characterized by virtual worlds, immersive technologies, and distributed ledgers, all through solutions for business transformation, training, brand experience, and video games.


Ak offers free access to the Gaming Center Esports Palace for the use of Simracing and Gaming stations, subject to reservation and availability for a maximum duration of 4 months from the date of purchase.

Ak Informatica is the reference for PC Gaming in Italy and beyond. Ak Shop is your shop for Gaming and Esports purchases.

The Esports Palace is an entire building dedicated to Gaming and competitive electronic games. The Palace is the Italian hub for Gaming and Esports, with over 1000 square meters across 4 floors and a large outdoor area.

Entertainment and Technology mixed with Cuisine and Bar. Home of Atalanta Bergamo Esports team.


2 hours of free assessment for data-driven & AI roadmap.

BID is one of the first Italian players providing market value through data, leveraging distinctive skills, assets, and solutions in the fields of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. They transform data into knowledge, generating insights to support decision-making and the achievement of business goals.


Free discovery and assessment workshop on Metaverse and Web3 technologies, with the specialized support of AnotheReality and Knobs.

BTO guides companies and future leaders in the transformation journey that has experienced exponential growth in 2020. We have questioned our purpose and decided to evolve by reinventing our entire offering structure. We support companies in understanding and adopting the most modern digital technologies through a structured approach independent of vendors and system integrators. We provide methods, practices, and tools to support organizational structures, business processes, and people’s behaviors.


Free creation of a personal avatar through 3D body scanning. The generated avatar reproduces the original physical subject with maximum precision in terms of anthropometric measurements, image and morphological characteristics, posture, and bodily proportions, allowing everyone to bring their physicality into the digital realm.

IGOODI is a hi-tech company specialized in the digitalization of the human body. An Avatar Factory with high technological content enabling the creation of innovative solutions and experiences. When we are online, we do not have an equivalent digital body. Creating a perfect virtual copy of ourselves – the avatar – overcomes this limitation.


KNOBS is a software development company specialized in Blockchain technology. We are the perfect partner to propel your business into the future. We specialize in web-IoT applications and systems based on blockchain technology. We excel in the development of Dapps and blockchain-based systems. We offer technical and strategic consulting in this field since 2014. We handle all steps of hardware-software systems, from design and prototyping to implementation and deployment.


Enjoy a 15% discount on the purchase of courses from our catalog, which provide comprehensive eLearning for the training of your teams. We offer over 3,000 learning objects and 300 customizable learning paths.

Skilla is synonymous with eLearning. We offer humanistic, creative, technological, and design skills to helpacademies. Our approach involves scientific research, technology, and design to provide a multidisciplinary and continuously updated learning method.


Get a 20% discount on three types of products:

  • NFT visual rendering for brands.
  • Interactive installations or video Streamcolors Machine for events.
  • Art products are available on the Streamcolors store.

Streamcolors is a digital art studio based in Milan, specializing in real-time software development and the production of interactive solutions for clients worldwide. We cater to cultural institutions, companies, and design and fashion brands. As pioneers in connecting Unreal, the graphics engine developed by Epic Games, beyond the boundaries of the gaming industry, we enable a broad audience to have immersive experiences through installations, 3D videos, virtual reality, and video games.


Receive a complimentary ticket to attend the physical preview event of the Superdesign Show in June 2022.

Superstudio’s Superdesign Show is an authorial format that looks towards the future. It focuses on research, extraordinary daily experiences, freedom of choice, and the interplay between classic and avant-garde, industry and craftsmanship, tradition and future, and simplicity and wonder. We recognize that everything has already been done, and the entire world participates in the evolution of the surrounding habitat, with rules and barriers being overcome. The future is increasingly shaped by major international brands collaborating with individual talents, with endless possibilities offered by the network and technology.


Receive a complimentary Audit Analysis aimed at improving and understanding the full potential of your business. The output provided to your company will include:

  • Market Insights
  • Competitive landscape mapping
  • Development guidelines for metaverse marketing projects
  • Definition of key milestones and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Budgeting and Tentative Timing

Velvet Media is an outsourced marketing office with over 140 employees. We provide comprehensive marketing and communication services, ranging from graphic design and web design to campaign management, web marketing strategies, SEO optimization, and social network management. We develop exclusive and unique projects for companies, working together to create a work plan focused on achieving tangible results in the shortest possible time.


Enjoy a 25% discount on the purchase of the exclusive WEART device, which can completely enhance your virtual experience with realistic tactile feedback.

WEART bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds by adding the missing sense: touch. Our innovative devices allow you to have a truly immersive VR experience and interact with digital objects as you would in real life.