The event, organized by AnotheReality, aims to initiate a constructive dialogue in Italy about the potential of the metaverse, the new frontier of the digital world.


Milan, February 23, 2022 – AnotheReality, a leader in immersive XR (Extended Reality) solutions, is launching the On|Metaverse Summit, the first internationally renowned Italian summit dedicated to virtual worlds in the business field. It starts from the premise that the future internet will be three-dimensional and decentralized and that social interactions, entertainment, and business will take place there. The objective of the event is to raise the right questions to find the first concrete answers on the eve of the next technological revolution.


The event is organized in collaboration with Velvet Media (a marketing agency engaged in the digital communication of the event), BTO Research, BID – Break In Data and Skilla e-Learning solutions.


On|Metaverse will take place on April 21, 2022, and will be a hybrid event: in-person at the Superstudio Più headquarters in Milan, and remotely by connecting to Superstudio Cyberspace, the fully 3D event platform created by AnotheReality.


The summit’s program, which includes Antony Vitillo and Simone Arcagni among the members of the scientific committee, is divided into two parts: the morning session, featuring three seminars on the use of metaverse technologies in marketing, business transformation, and education, and the afternoon session, which will include the main session with panels and contributions from international keynote speakers, including Tony Parisi, Global Head for AR/VR Ads and E-Commerce at Unity Technologies. He is considered the “Godfather of the Metaverse” and co-creator of many standards that laid the foundation for the 3D web. Other speakers include Artur Sychov, founder and CEO of Somnium Space, one of the four most important platforms for Web3 in the metaverse and beyond; Charlie Fink, metaverse consultant who has been at the forefront of innovation both during his time at AOL and at Disney; Ori Inbar, founder of Super Ventures and AWE, one of the most respected members within the immersive communities. In addition to being a venture capitalist, Ori Inbar has also created one of the event franchise brands in the VR ecosystem; Suzanne Borders, CEO and co-founder of BadVR, a startup aiming to revolutionize XR data visualization. Suzanne is one of the leading female entrepreneurs in immersive realities.


The summit will conclude with a networking session. At the end of the event, all participants will receive a report highlighting the key points of the presentations, providing insights into the opportunities, challenges, use cases, and experiences to draw inspiration from.


“We are proud to be among the first in Italy to propose an event on the metaverse, an important opportunity to share the know-how we have acquired over the years, working daily on immersive technologies and their evolution, leading to the creation of our platform, Superstudio Cyberspace, a virtual world with extensive interaction possibilities among participants, a concrete example of how new technologies are redefining the reality in which we move and live,” comments Lorenzo Cappannari, CEO, and co-founder of AnotheReality. “With the On|Metaverse Summit, we aim to stimulate a constructive dialogue through a moment of technological, social, and business deepening dedicated to the new frontier of the digital world.”


The event is designed for professionals ranging from CMOs, technologists, chief innovation officers, HR managers, entrepreneurs, and community representatives interested in understanding the opportunities and challenges of the new paradigm.


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