In a world where real and virtual are increasingly interconnected, Apple’s new Vision Pro headset is fast establishing itself as the new benchmark for the future of digital interaction. And we at AnotheReality … are on board!

Vision Pro and Reflectis

With the Vision Pro, Apple has introduced a new dimension to the immersive experience. This device is not only an advanced extended reality viewer, both augmented and virtual then: it is a real gateway to a new digital universe, fully integrated into our physical world. Thanks to its ability to detect and interpret the surrounding context, the Vision Pro opens the door to an unprecedented immersive and interactive experience. And we at AnotheReality have set ourselves the ambitious goal of exploiting the full potential of this new paradigm by supporting it within Reflectis, the Virtual Experience Platform (VXP) for enterprise.

Revolutionizing Product Showcasing

Are you a business and want a realistic, yet completely immaterial showroom or store? Mixed reality is the solution. To test its potential, we created a simple, highly realistic immersive experience on Vision Pro, allowing users to explore every aspect of a car in detail, from the inside to the outside.

The unprecedented realism offered by Apple’s standalone device, and an off-the-charts augmented reality experience, demonstrate how the world of retail and sales is about to change dramatically: how will the cars of tomorrow be presented to the public? What will the consumer’s shopping experience be? And how will B2B product sales change? We have tried to imagine it.

With Apple’s Vision Pro, and with the interactive capabilities of platforms like our Reflectis, we are paving the way for a future in which virtual reality and physical reality will merge into a single, increasingly fluid and immersive experience. Are we just at the beginning? Perhaps, but the makings of something great are truly there.