Senior Game Developer

We are looking for a Senior Game Developer proficient with Unity and C# to join us in creating and guiding our projects, ranging from VR simulators to multiplayer worlds (?metaverses!) where people can practice and learn new skills by playing actual games.

We believe in the power of XR and games applied not only for pure entertainment but also to help businesses solve problems and give value: based on the use case, we choose the best technology (be it Virtual Reality, Mobile, other platforms or all of them) and the best solution (single/multiplayer, learning game, simulation…), and design on it.

As a Senior Game Developer in AnotheReality, you will have to analyze, engineer and develop projects and features until they’re stable in production, and contribute with your vision on the long term technical direction as well. You will work with the other production departments, with the design and creative directions, and you’ll also face clients and business partners to understand their needs or to explain what our hard technical choices mean for them, why we’re taking them and the tradeoffs, in terms they can understand.

You will guide development choices in a strategic way, understanding the technical heritage and tools we have already at disposal, and decide how to reuse and when to take opportunities to grow and expand our tools.

This is not a junior or a mid position: we’re looking for someone who’ll work in contact with junior and mid level resources, helping and mentoring them, and encouraging a stimulating environment for teamwork and sharing. We’re not looking for the genius lone wolf developer: we’re looking for someone who is technically good but is able to discuss with others, and is able to listen to others and compromise when needed.

Also, all the other departments are your teammates: you will aim with them to achieve common goals, working in symbiosis and encouraging a cohesive working climate.

  • Collaborate with designers, artists, and engineers to develop and refine key systems for our tech, adapting them on multiple projects
  • Define the system architecture of our products and make development plans for the technical team
  • Communicate in an effective way both to the technical team and to non-technical people, to ask questions and explain technical choices when necessary
  • Make decisions. And understand when it’s time to cut, what to cut and what to keep
  • Plan future developments with the support of the other developers including scope, trade-offs and risks
  • Develop solutions coherent with the agreed design and check for potential inconsistencies
  • Implement gameplay features writing good, optimized and well organized code
  • Create and maintain a clear and efficient technical documentation
  • Own the product vision and ensure that creative, quality and budgetary goals are me
  • Mentor other members of the team as needed and check the quality of their work
  • Stay up-to-date with state of the art technology and coding practices, promoting their use within the studio
  • 6+ years of industry experience, with proven track record of completed projects
  • Strong Unity engine knowledge and practical programming skills in C#
  • A good understanding of networked solutions and web services
  • Able to analyze design features and formulate development plans and time estimations
  • BSc in Computer Science or equivalent knowledge foundation
  • Excellent ability to setup system architecture and create technical parts of the application, solving issues and identifying solutions
  • A good communicator, willing to help others and share knowledge also to non-gamer or non-technical people
  • Passion for games, XR and cutting edge technology
  • Curious and willing to work on a wide variety of challenges
  • Able to mentor other junior programmers and to delegate work
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken
  • Good knowledge of VR and AR design principles
  • Working knowledge of the 3D assets production pipeline
  • AI development
  • Web XR related technologies (A-Frame, Three,js,…)
  • Project management experience is a big plus
  • Extra skills outside the sphere of game development are always welcome
  • A friendly, transparent and ambitious working environment
  • Diverse and challenging projects, with a high degree of freedom and responsibility
  • Flat structure and little to none bureaucracy
  • Personal and career development
  • A lot of VR / AR to play with!

If you do not have prior working experience developing on VR/AR technologies do not worry! Even though having it is definitely a plus, we think that you can learn to work with them with the help of the team.



Employment type is full-time, on-site in Milan, Italy.
Yearly Salary Range: € 35K – 45K

Currently in hybrid working (presence / remote), upon agreement with your manager.

Full remote work opportunities are evaluated only for freelancing.

Senior Game Developer


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