Beautiful Inside: the Body Tracking Experience to explore the human body

- DOC Generici & imille

Beautiful Inside: the Body Tracking Experience to explore the human body
Beautiful Inside: the interactive digital installation for DOC Generics that reveals the secrets of the human body

Imagine being able to explore your body in a whole new and fascinating way. This is the scenario proposed by Beautiful Inside, an interactive digital installation created by AnotheReality for DOC Generici’s Rimini Meeting 2019 in collaboration with communication agency Imille. DOC Generici, a leading generic drug company, proposed a unique experience with the goal of generating awareness about the beauty and complexity of the human body.


The virtual journey of Beautiful Inside: how it works and what you discover

Beautiful Inside is based on a real-time body-tracking technology that, using Kinect sensors, allows the user’s silhouette to be animated and the main body systems to be represented in an artistic way. The path is tunneled over three intermediate steps positioned at different distances (1.5 meters, 2.5 meters, and 3.5 meters) identified by a motion sensor. For each step, the representation of a different body apparatus is superimposed on its digital avatar, thus offering a dynamic view of the components of our body. At the end of the step, the animated silhouette is projected onto a large screen, showing the artistic reimagining of all major body apparatuses in real-time.


The immersive experience of Beautiful Inside: walking in the dark and discovering your own body

The dark setting inside the tunnel is a key element of the installation, as it stimulates user attention, allowing them to focus on their own bodies. Another sensory stimulus is provided by the pre-recorded voiceover that accompanies participants along the path, illustrating the complexity of the human body and providing detailed information about the functioning of each bodily apparatus.


Beautiful Inside: the installation brings a diverse audience closer to the world of generic drugs 

Interactivity and edutainment content make Beautiful Inside an educational and entertaining experience at the same time, suitable for both insiders and outsiders, whether adults or children. The opportunity to learn through play and interaction allows a wide and varied audience to approach topics close to the world of generic drugs.

The Beautiful Inside project aims not only to reveal the secrets of the human body but also to raise awareness of taking care of the health of all its organs. The link between the experience offered and DOC Generici’s message highlights the importance of keeping one’s body healthy by adopting healthy habits and using generic drugs when necessary.


The success of Beautiful Inside at the Rimini Meeting 2019

During the week of the Rimini Meeting 2019, thousands of people participated in the Beautiful Inside experience, showing great interest and appreciation for the installation. The positive feedback and impact generated testify to the incisiveness of projects that leverage advanced technologies such as Beautiful Inside in raising public awareness of extremely relevant issues. The beauty and complexity of the human body, convey a strong message about the value of health.



Beautiful Inside represents a virtuous example of the effectiveness of virtual reality applied to edutainment projects. Through an immersive and engaging experience, the installation succeeded in raising awareness of important issues, such as the beauty and complexity of the human body and the importance of generic drugs in health care.

The success of Beautiful Inside opens new horizons for the future of communication and marketing for companies, especially pharmaceutical companies. Indeed, interactive digital installations can be an innovative and effective solution for conveying crucial messages and promoting products and services in an original and memorable way.

Body Tracking Experience
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Design tips

We thought about how to make the most of current technology to extend access  to as many people as possible.

In this sense, the use of motion sensors allows users almost immediate access to start the experience by simply requiring them to stand at the starting signal of the path and let the voice guidance direct them.

Critical success factors
ready to use
Guided experience that does not require active user action to be enjoyed.
greater engagement
Leveraging new technologies to create an enjoyable and fun experience while delivering an important message

We used a Kinect motion sensor connected to a PC, implementing the project on Unity.