The learning game for Mini's electric motor maintenance

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The learning game for Mini's electric motor maintenance
Innovation in training: the Learning Game for BMW's high-voltage battery training

In the age of electric mobility, high-voltage batteries play a key role in ensuring the performance and safety of electric vehicles. For BMW, a leader in the automotive industry, it is of paramount importance to provide adequate training for the personnel who deal with these batteries. The challenging choice lies in creating a safe, engaging and stimulating learning environment that enables employees to acquire skills, knowledge and professionalism effectively.


The Learning Game as a training tool

BMW met this challenge by partnering with AnotheReality, a company specializing in creating innovative immersive reality solutions, to develop a digital Learning Game. Such a simulator aims to foster the acquisition of knowledge about high-voltage batteries, reduce errors during the maintenance process, and increase staff engagement.


The player experience: a choice-based approach and feedback

The Learning Game offers a series of tests that simulate real situations that BMW employees might encounter on the job. During the game, players receive continuous feedback on their actions, which can be positive, negative, or fatal. This choice- and feedback-based way of proceeding allows technicians to effectively learn from their decisions and improve their skills over time.


The Learning Game: simulation of component replacement and adherence to procedures

Learning Game players are immersed in a role-playing game that tests them in replacing battery components and following safety procedures. By using appropriate virtual tools and simulating a real workshop, employees become familiar with the work environment and gain risk-free, hands-on experience.


Graphic gratification: motivation and progress in the game

To maintain player interest and motivate them to progress in the game, the Learning Game uses a range of graphic gratifications that signal the achievement of goals and progress through the various stages of the game. This component of the game stimulates employee involvement and engagement, making the learning experience more enjoyable and rewarding.


Goals and benefits of the Learning Game in employee training

The Learning Game offers multiple benefits in the training of BMW employees. First, it allows new concepts and topics to be introduced in a more effective and attractive way than traditional training methods. In addition, the game facilitates the communication of complex social and technological issues, making information more accessible to a wider audience. Finally, the Learning Game helps create a high level of loyalty with consumers through the presentation of new products and services in an innovative and appealing context.



The experience of the Learning Game, in the training of BMW staff, has shown that this tool is an effective learning medium for acquiring specific skills and knowledge about high-voltage batteries. Its choice-based approach, feedback, and graphical reward enabled employee engagement and motivation, achieving significant results in terms of reduced errors and improved job performance.

The Learning Game represents a significant step forward in staff training, demonstrating that innovation and technology can be harnessed as effective and inspiring tools to create learning experiences. The positive outcome of this initiative paves the way for further development and application of the Learning Game in other business and industry sectors. By offering innovative and engaging solutions for learning and professional growth, this tool could potentially revolutionize training in other fields such as engineering, logistics, healthcare and many others.

PC Game
Case study
Procedural Training

The main goal of the designers was to make the game playable by everyone and everywhere without the need to use gaming PCs or VR viewers but only ordinary computers.

Critical success factors
cost reduction
Reduced network costs: technicians can try procedures as many times as they want, which is not possible if practiced on a real car
greater security
Staff protection: technicians work in total safety.
easily accessible
Scalable solution: thanks to multi-language, it can be deployed to any PC in the world

The game is made with HTML5 technology and JavaScript. The operation of the product is ensured through browsers on both PC/MAC laptops and mobile devices with full HTML5 compatibility (Chrome 40+, Firefox 50+, Safari 10+, iOS 9+, Android 5+, Windows 7+)

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