DreamLab: 3D web and AR configurator

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DreamLab: 3D web and AR configurator
AnotheReality revolutionizes customer engagement and sales for Inpeco

Inpeco is a leading Total Laboratory Automation company dedicated to innovation and process optimization in clinical testing laboratories. To maintain its position and further improve the customer experience, Inpeco and AnotheReality have collaborated to develop tools to support salespeople at the sales stage: the 3D Configurator and AR Viewer. These tools promise to revolutionize the design and sale of automation solutions in the lab.


The 3D Configurator for circuit design

The 3D Configurator developed by AnotheReality enables Inpeco salespeople to create customized circuits for customer labs, taking into account specific requirements and the size of the target room. The tool allows users to develop the configuration via computer, but thanks to the immersive potential of 3D design, they achieve a result that is more adherent to customer requirements, thus saving time and resources in the planning phase.


The AR Viewer for viewing the design in augmented reality

Once the 3D design has been created, the AR Viewer allows it to be transferred to the customer’s smartphone, who can then view the lab in augmented reality and immerse themselves in the proposed configuration. This immersive experience helps customers better understand how the lab will work in reality and identify any problems or improvements needed before the implementation phase. Once the space and element definition phase is finished, a file containing the complete list of project components can be downloaded.


The benefits of using the 3D Configurator and AR Viewer.

The adoption of these technologies offers numerous advantages for both Inpeco and its clients.

  •  Increased customer involvement in decision-making. Thanks to the interactive and personalized experience offered by the 3D Configurator and AR Viewer, customers feel more involved and motivated to actively participate in the laboratory design process.
  • Reduced errors and misunderstandings in lab desig. Three-dimensional and augmented reality visualization allows customers to identify and correct any problems before implementation, reducing the likelihood of costly errors and delays.
  • Increased sales through immersive and personalized experience. Using these tools can help increase sales as customers are more likely to purchase solutions that exactly reflect their needs and expectations.


How the 3D Configurator and AR Viewer improve communication between Inpeco and its customers

The adoption of these technologies can also improve communication between Inpeco and its customers, fostering greater transparency and trust in the relationship. 

  • Clearer and more precise communication of customer needs. Thanks to the 3D Configurator, customers can more clearly and precisely express their needs, facilitating the work of Inpeco’s team in designing the most suitable solutions.


  • Ability to make changes to the design quickly and easily.The AR Viewer allows customers to assess the impact of any changes to the design in real time, fostering greater flexibility and adaptability to the changing needs of the market.


  •  Increased transparency and trust in the relationship between the company and the customer. The use of the 3D Configurator and AR Viewer demonstrates Inpeco’s commitment to providing innovative and customized solutions, reinforcing the perception of the company as a reliable partner at the forefront of Total Laboratory Automation.


Conclusion: the 3D Configurator and AR Viewer as innovative tools for Inpeco’s success

The 3D Configurator and AR Viewer represent two innovative tools that contribute to Inpeco’s success in the field of Total Laboratory Automation.  With these tools, the company can offer a unique design and sales experience; it engages customers more, reduces errors and misunderstandings, and increases sales through the interactive and personalized experiences.

Investing in technological innovation, particularly in virtual reality, can not only improve business processes, but also help strengthen a company’s reputation. The case of Inpeco demonstrates the crucial importance of this aspect even for established businesses, again confirming Inpeco as an innovative and reliable company and ensuring its future success and growth in the world of Total Laboratory Automation.

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3D simulation and augmented reality allow interactive visualization of a design at any time and in any location, thus taking advantage of the ability to view the layout in real space and modify it as needed. 

Critical success factors
real-time visualization
3D simulation enabling interactive visualization of the product.
advanced personalization
Application of the modular principle so the customer or salesperson can have the ability to interact with the 3D Configurator to customize their lab.
customer experience
Improved customer experience through AR apps.

DreamLAB is available, both in Italian and English, on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. 

The web client (3D editor) is created with the Unity engine. It is sent through a zipper file containing data and an index.html file for use in a web server