The Sea Rider: the advergame that supports sustainability


The Sea Rider: the advergame that supports sustainability
MSC's innovative advergame to promote the value of sustainability and engage the public

Welcome to the world of The Sea Rider, the innovative advergame created by AnotheReality for MSC, Mediterranean Shipping Company, a leading maritime company. The Sea Rider was designed with the goal of delivering an original and engaging brand experience, combining the excitement of video games with the power of advertising. In this case study, we explore how The Sea Rider promotes the value of environmental sustainability and how it engages the audience through an exciting virtual adventure.


Sustainability as a brand value

Environmental sustainability is one of the brand assets for MSC. The Sea Rider was created with the goal of promoting MSC’s commitment to green issues in the maritime industry. To activate greater audience engagement, the sustainability concept was directly integrated into gameplay. Thus was born the advergame, a game that not only entertains players but also informs them about the importance of sustainable practices and the challenges the maritime industry faces in protecting the environment.


Become the captain of a cargo ship

In the game, the player assumes the role of commander of an MSC cargo ship, with the mission of ferrying the ship between different ports around the world to one of several possible destinations. Challenges of the voyage include avoiding coastlines so as not to damage them, not endangering wildlife and dodging whales, exploiting currents, using straits as shortcuts, and optimizing biofuel consumption using a limited number of actions. Along the way, the player must try to save fuel and earn points while learning to manage resources efficiently and minimize impact on the environment. Only in this way can one become the king of the seas and sustainability!


Interactive technologies and audience involvement

The Sea Rider uses state-of-the-art interactive technologies to ensure a compelling gaming experience. This level of engagement allows players to fully immerse themselves in the MSC brand experience, turning a simple game into a powerful marketing tool. The main goal of The Sea Rider is to engage the audience and consolidate a strong and passionate brand community through a playful experience that reflects the company’s values and ideals.



The success of The Sea Rider in promoting MSC’s values and engaging audiences demonstrates the potential of the advergame as a strategic solution in the world of marketing and brand experience. Through an innovative and creative approach, The Sea Rider has been able to bring to life a gaming adventure that not only entertains but also educates, reinforcing MSC’s sustainability message and creating a lasting connection with the audience.

The future of advergaming is bright, with more and more companies turning to this form of marketing to increase brand awareness and consumer loyalty. By combining video games and advertising, The Sea Rider confirms that it is possible to create an engaging experience that effectively conveys the company’s values, leaving a lasting impression on players and contributing to the overall success of the brand experience.

Mobile Game
Case study
Brand Experience
Design Tips

We decided to create an advergame on mobile app mobile offering:

Content: sponsorship of the new docking ports offered by the company and the biofuel concept as a message of consolidating eco-sustainability.

UX: imprinted on the challenge concept complete with a leaderboard section.

Gamification: challenges that test the user’s ability to minimize environmental impact. 

Critical success factors
interactive design
Testing and use of new forms of interaction design and mobile games to improve the UX of customers and prospects
user engagement
Increased brand positioning and user engagement through gamification
brand awareness
Innovation in how customers and prospects are engaged through brand awareness

Software specs: app available for both Android and iOS.

Hardware specs: mobile app

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