The campaign to launch the Never Stop Exploring FW2022 collection.

- The North Face

The campaign to launch the Never Stop Exploring FW2022 collection.
The North Face lands in the virtual world with the launch of the Never Stop Exploring collection

Welcome to the future of fashion, where the virtual world merges with the real world to create unique and immersive experiences. The North Face, the well-known outdoor clothing brand, has decided to land in the virtual world with The Virtual Apex campaign. The communication campaign, with a creative and digital soul, uses 3D as a vehicle for the launch of the limited edition Never Stop Exploring FW 2022.

This is how innovation and technology  revolutionize the way a brand and its products are promoted.


The Never Stop Exploring FW 2022 collection

The NSE FW 2022 collection is a limited edition inclusive of 11 technical mountain garments reimagined in streetwear. Inspired by the performance garments of the early 2000s, it blends the technical details typical of past collections with a modern, eye-catching design to offer its customers a unique and inimitable experience.


The creation of the virtual twins

The North Face makes its entry into the virtual world thanks to 3D technology, used to create virtual twins, that is, a reproduction of the physical garments in virtual form. The brand reproduced the entire collection in 3D, allowing for a more realistic and interactive representation of the garments. 


The avatars of Hindaco and David Djité

To make the campaign even more engaging, The North Face engaged two brand talents, Hindaco and David Djité, who lent their faces and personalities to both the real and virtual worlds. Through the avatars of these characters, consumers were able to imagine the fit and performance of the materials from the comfort of their own homes in an innovative and immersive way.


The immersive setting

The Virtual Apex campaign is not limited to the creation of virtual twins and avatars, but also includes an immersive setting that enhances their appeal. The meticulously detailed virtual scenery recreates a futuristic atmosphere, with stunning backgrounds and light and shadow effects on the edge of reality. In this environment, models and 3D assets interact with each other, offering the audience a truly unique shopping experience.


Multichannel strategy

The North Face’s campaign does not stop in the virtual world but extends to all of the brand’s digital channels. Through a multichannel strategy, content created for the campaign is carried on the website, social media, e-mail marketing, and other platforms to reach as many people as possible and increase the visibility of the brand and the NSE FW 2022 collection.


Impact of the campaign on brand positioning

The results achieved by The Virtual Apex campaign were remarkable. The innovative presentation of the products through 3D technology and the involvement of the brand’s talent helped generate a great deal of interest in the NSE FW 2022 collection, with a positive impact on sales and brand positioning. In addition, the use of a multichannel strategy helped strengthen The North Face’s digital presence and create an even stronger bond with its customers.



The North Face’s creative and digital communication campaign for the NSE FW 2022 collection demonstrates how technological innovation can be a powerful marketing tool in the fashion world. The use of 3D technology and virtual worlds made it possible to offer an immersive and engaging experience to customers, who were able to appreciate the brand’s products in a completely new and original way. 

Keeping up with the latest trends and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology is crucial to beating the competition and winning the hearts of customers.

Virtual Twins
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The special feature of this campaign is the combination of very innovative technologies with strong creative impact.

Critical success factors
virtual twin
All visual assets were made entirely in 3D, reproducing as avatars two The North Face talents as avatars and the two key looks of the collection as 3D clothing
care for details
Attention to 3D fabric rendering and conveying the right fit to consumers