The Sea Rider: MSC mobile game

The Sea Rider: MSC mobile game

The Sea Rider is the first ever shipping game developed by a global leader in shipping and logistics, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company.

Steer your ship from one port to another while minimising your impact on environment. Sling your ship with the right speed and optimise your route by collecting eco-coins along the way. Be careful not to harm the wildlife or surrounding coastlines.In addition to providing fun, engaging entertainment for the users, the game provides basic insights into MSC’s environmental performance and sustainability approach.

Do you have what it takes to safely navigate a giant vessel from port to port?

The sea rider | Features

  • ECO-COINS: collect eco-coins to increase your final score and use them as your Northern Star to guide you to the next port.
  • SUSTAINABILITY BAR: keep your game clean and ensure your sustainability bar stays green to earn additional points.
  • MULTI-STAGE LEVELS: each level has multiple paths to reach the port.
  • LIMITED MOVES: be precise and plan well. You only have a limited number of moves per stage.
  • TIME LIMIT: don’t snooze or you will run out of time. You must reach the port of destination within a set time frame.
  • REWARD STARS: your final score and sustainability bar will reflect how many stars you will earn. You need to have enough stars to unlock the next level.
  • VESSELS: steer one of the most modern, green vessels in the world. The game features MSC’s green fleet including some of the world’s largest container ships.
  • PORTS: the game is based on the actual MSC global network of some 200 ocean services worldwide


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