Superstudio Cyberspace is the latest creation by AnotheReality: a 3D digital platform for immersive events developed in partnership with Superstudio Events, an international protagonist in the events industry.


The Context

As our partner defined it, here’s the context we find ourselves in: “We are in the year 2021, and the present future is changing.” Until a few months ago, attending an event in person was essential, but needs, contexts, technologies, and habits are rapidly evolving. It would have been unthinkable to shake hands with our clients, collaborators, and partners virtually. However, now it doesn’t seem so strange to interact with the key players in our industry online. Video calls, video conferences, and online classes have shifted many of our daily activities remotely. But what if everything was taken to the next level, more interactive, immersive, and in 3D?


Introducing the New 3D Platform for Immersive Events

Superstudio Cyberspace was born after over a year of research, technical and creative dialogues, and collaboration between digital specialists, fashion, design, art, and trade operators. We combined our complementary expertise with Superstudio Events to respond to the evolution of events towards hybrid and immersive forms. The industrial, elegant, and minimalist spaces of Superstudio Events extend beyond themselves into the dimension of cyberspace, a place that is increasingly frequented and integrated into real life. The goal is to transpose the experience and richness of content from physical events into their virtual alter ego.


“The pandemic has sparked a race to transpose physical events onto digital media, which rarely guarantees quality experiences. Superstudio wanted to take the necessary time to respond to the natural digital evolution of events by creating a platform with AnotheReality that meets aesthetic, interaction, ease of use, customization, and fun requirements. It is necessary to offer a real and positive enjoyment of events, at the very least with the same possibilities of communication, interaction, and negotiation offered by physicality.”

Tommaso Borioli,

CEO of Superstudio Events


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The Solution: Your Event Anywhere and for Everyone


Superstudio Cyberspace is an open platform for hybrid and virtual events that can be adopted by anyone. The customization of avatars allows users to create their virtual identity and use it for all events. Each event is accessible to a potentially infinite audience through a cyberspace that is a true Superstudio world. Navigating through Superstudio’s pavilions with one’s avatar, taking breaks in green areas to rest from “zoom fatigue,” teleporting from the info point to a talk, any booth, or the lounge to meet other visitors—everything is possible.

Both the digital-native generation and those accustomed to physical events (who have increasingly embraced the digital realm due to Covid-related reasons) now have easy access to hybrid events. The physical space embraces and includes the digital space, reflecting in it and offering all event content in real-time to those who are unable or perhaps simply reluctant to travel. The design is essential and highly recognizable, just like the spirit of Superstudio.


The possibilities for customization for organizers are always accessible, and the level of interaction is modular. Superstudio Cyberspace is a gateway to the “present future,” a mini-virtual world shaped by the reality of the third millennium.



Some Insights on the Technology


The digital platform, intuitive and easy to use even for those less familiar with technology, takes advantage of a privileged setting: the iconic spaces of Superstudio, which have been hosting high-level events such as Superdesign Show, MIA Photo Fair, and Mapic for years.


The spaces in this metaverse are welcoming, customizable, and recognizable, thanks to the attention to detail. Even in the garden area of Superstudio Cyberspace, we find the sculpture “Gran Sera” by Flavio Lucchini, which dominates the (real!) garden of Superstudio Più at Via Tortona 27.


The front of the platform has been developed entirely in Three.js, while the backend is built with .NET Core, all supported by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. The calling and video calling system utilize the infrastructure of the service.


The 3D models (created with Blender), materials, and user experience have been optimized for smooth and lightweight usage on any device (including mobile) with web access. The isometric view and interaction through simple taps/clicks also enable easy and intuitive movement of the avatar in the three-dimensional spaces, ensuring total accessibility even for users unfamiliar with the world of video games.


Advantages and Results of the Immersive Event Platform


Just like in reality, during the event, participants can move around, chat with others, and in the case of trade fairs, discover the exhibited products, exhibitors’ identities, and the materials they offer. Superstudio Cyberspace provides “superpowers” to those who cannot attend physical events, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the scene without being physically present.


Usable on both desktop and mobile devices without the need to download any application, the platform stands out for its high interactivity among visitors, who can get to know each other through calls and instant chats, as well as the multiple opportunities for direct contact between visitors and exhibitors through calls, streaming, talks, and online appointments.


“Superstudio Cyberspace, which can be considered a virtual world in every respect, differs from other digital event platforms due to its three-dimensional reproduction of spaces and the representation of users as avatars. This feature provides a sense of involvement that a normal platform can hardly guarantee, enabling a more natural interaction among participants and, in the case of a trade fair, with exhibitors. Thanks to the multiple customization and expansion possibilities, Superstudio Cyberspace becomes the ideal scenario for experiencing discovery and networking in 360 degrees, precisely what is missing in today’s digital events.”

Lorenzo Cappannari,

Our CEO and Co-Founder