IBSA: the app designed to support the doctor and the patient

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IBSA: the app designed to support the doctor and the patient
Innovation in education and awareness on facial aging.

In the dynamic scenario of the pharmaceutical market, which is increasingly oriented toward patient education and physician support, IBSA Farmaceutici presented an innovative Augmented Reality mobile application: IBSA Aging Discovery AR. This solution aims to raise awareness of the facial aging process and provide details about the new product.

Augmented Reality App as an Awareness Raising Tool.

IBSA Pharmaceuticals addressed this challenge by collaborating with AnotheReality to develop an Augmented Reality mobile application, available on Apple and Android devices. The goal is to raise awareness of facial aging and support doctors in explaining the correct use of the product. The app is multilingual and consists of two sections, one dedicated to patients and one exclusive to physicians.

The Experience for Patients: awareness and education on skin aging

IBSA Aging Discovery AR offers a rich overview of the skin aging process, starting from adipose tissue and ending with bone, making the experience interactive and understandable thanks to Augmented Reality. Users can visualize the various stages of aging on a 3D face, making it easier to understand the phenomenon.

The Experience for Doctors: support in new product presentation.

The application offers exclusive access to doctors through the use of a marker. This tool enables medical staff to explain benefits and application methods to patients in an effective and engaging way, overcoming the limitations of traditional presentation methods. In fact, the use of an augmented reality tool allows medical staff to show product injection techniques, product deployment, and benefits in 3D.


IBSA Aging Discovery AR marks a turning point in pharmaceutical education and care. With its innovative Augmented Reality mobile application, it offers an immersive and informative experience for both patients and doctors. As patients interactively explore the facial aging process, physicians find a valuable tool to present the product clearly and effectively.

In conclusion, IBSA Aging Discovery AR redefines the concept of scientific information, improving communication on skin health issues and ultimately promoting patients’ well-being.


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