AnotheReality and Matteo Favarelli guests at Esports-Italy – On Saturday, May 25th, 2019, Esports-Italy was held for the second consecutive year. It is an event with educational and informative purposes dedicated to “electronic sports,” better known as eSports, an established sport discipline in the USA and the East and gradually gaining definition and growth in Italy as well.

Within the framework of the Campus Reti in Busto Arsizio (Varese), an entire day was organized to explore this global phenomenon that is revolutionizing the gaming industry. The aim was to provide clarity through direct testimonies, sharing of experiences, and debates involving some Italian personalities in the sector. Every year, the eSports sector attracts more and more enthusiasts, both in terms of professional players and spectators, similar to any other competitive sport.



Among the speakers and industry experts who participated in the event, Matteo Favarelli, COO of AnotheReality, was also present as a guest at a special roundtable organized by AESVI – Associazione Editori Sviluppatori Videogiochi Italiani (Association of Italian Video Game Publishers and Developers) titled “Esports and Game Development Made in Italy: Past Experiences and Future Projects.”

Moderated by Stefano Silvestri, head of the eSports section at La Gazzetta dello Sport and Director of, this window into the world of video games used in the esports field featured not only the COO of AnotheReality but also representatives from other Italian development studios that are venturing into the creation of “eSports ready” titles. These studios include Milestone (Andrea Loiudice), 34bigthings (Max Da Vià), and 3Dclouds (Tommaso Valentini).




Esports have now become a global phenomenon in terms of both players and spectators, opening up new horizons and market opportunities in the gaming industry. According to the “Esports in Italy 2019” report conducted by AESVI in collaboration with Nielsen, there are 1.2 million people in Italy who follow an esports event several times a week. The fan base has increased by 20% compared to the previous survey, certifying the passion and interest for competitive gaming in our country.

The hashtag #wecanstart was the protagonist of this edition, emphasizing how the esports phenomenon is also growing in Italy.









The term “esport” derives from the abbreviation of “electronic sports.” Esports refers to playing video games at a competitive, organized, and professional level.

The games played competitively, either at an amateur or professional level, in championships or tournaments, online or offline, can be:

  • Multiplayer, played in teams or individually against real opponents (not AI).
  • Single-player, where rankings and competition are based on individual player scores.

The most common genres include real-time strategy (RTS), fighting games, first-person shooters (FPS), massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, racing games, and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA).

Live tournaments are organized like any other sports event, with referees and specialized commentators for the specific game, while qualifying rounds are often held through online platforms. [Source:]