Yon Blitz – New appointment in Milan with the multiplayer virtual reality shooter game.

Get ready with your Blitz Guns: Yon Blitz is coming back to put you to the test for an entire weekend!

From May 24th to 26th, 2019, Join – Indie Game Edition will take place in Milan, a three-day event organized by Videogames Party in collaboration with Intel. It is dedicated to video games and provides an opportunity to meet and learn about some of the leading independent Italian game developers, try new games, and interact with the developers who created them.



Among the studios present, the AnotheReality team and Yon Blitz couldn’t be missing!

The game – not yet available on any platform or console – is suitable for every participant: no one is an expert or has been able to try it before; what matters is only strategy and the willingness to get involved!



May 24-25-26, 2019*
(*May 24th – Invitation-only entrance for students and teachers from schools and universities
May 25th – Free entrance from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM
May 26th – Free entrance from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM)



In a location of over 500 square meters, there will be more than 30 PC stations and 4 VR stations to compete in Yon Blitz! Entrance to the event is free.


Join | Event Details


May 24th will be dedicated to high school and university students, opened with speeches by representatives from Intel, AESVI – Italian Videogame Publishers and Developers Association, and some Italian video game developers, including our CTO Fabio Mosca. Moderating the speeches will be Emilio Cozzi, a journalist and expert author in esports and new technological frontiers.

May 25th and 26th will be open to everyone until seats are filled, without the need for pre-registration.

Special guest, Alessandro “Stermy” Avallone, one of the leading professional video gamers in the world, with almost twenty years of career and esports trophies won in 10 different games, along with the well-known gaming influencers Sabaku No Maiku and Croix89.

For all the event details, visit the official website or the Join Facebook page.


Yon Blitz | Game and Trailer


Yon Blitz is a multiplayer arena shooter in virtual reality developed and optimized for arcades and esports: fast-paced arcade-style matches, easy-to-learn basic mechanics, and enjoyable to watch. It can be played by 2 to 16 players, either free-for-all or in teams (up to 4).

In Yon Blitz, the goal is simple: the player with the most kills wins the match. Players will take on the role of Blitzers in the arena. Equipped with a blitz gun, shield, and teleporter, they must navigate between floating platforms and utilize cover to create winning tactics and avoid giving openings to opponents.



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