Life Science

We create solutions that revolutionize digital interaction for the entire healthcare ecosystem

Immersive revolution in healthcare

From immersive sales & marketing to surgical preparation, from digital twins to a new patient experience and a new way of doing rehabilitation-our solutions have the potential to entirely revolutionize the way we interact with digital in healthcare.

Immersive Technologies for Life Science

The future of scientific information

We create tools that enhance understanding of pharmaceuticals and medical procedures by supporting education and scientific argumentation with engaging, interactive, and highly informative experiences.

Events and conferences that really engage

Immersive technologies make it possible to transform attendance at medical and scientific trade shows and conferences, either by remoteing them entirely in the metaverse or by adding gamified experiences to in-person events that stimulate interaction and learning.

Digital twins and virtual commissioning

With digital twins, machinery and diagnostic instruments can be tested directly at the clinic or laboratory, verifying their actual relevance and ensuring effective onboarding of the operators in charge of their use.

Training and maintenance simulators

The use of digital twins in healthcare has radically transformed the practices of training and maintenance of medical equipment, thanks to interactive and detailed representations that make training more effective.

Support for health care providers

Augmented reality solutions for real-time collaboration with colleagues at other sites. 3D digital twins of patients' organs allow surgeons to better prepare for surgery directly in the field.

Medical education and training

Interactive virtual environments where staff can experience firsthand practical situations, visualizing complex elements that simulate real working environments, and practicing even in multiple users connected from different locations.

New patient experience

Solutions to revolutionize the interaction between patients and physicians, improving understanding and engagement on even complex issues: virtual environments where digital twins of the body can be explored, procedures visualized, and real-time interaction with physicians.

The rehabilitation of the future

Immersive technologies enable an immersive new approach to both physical and cognitive rehabilitation by gamifying repetitive movements and recreating trauma scenarios in a managed therapeutic setting.

Case Studies
Customer Experience

Beautiful Inside: Body Tracking Experience

Beautiful Inside: the interactive digital installation for DOC Generics that reveals the secrets of the human body

Customer Experience

DreamLab: Inpeco’s 3D web and AR configurator

AnotheReality revolutionizes customer engagement and sales for Inpeco

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